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Run 3 is a cool running game with endless amount of fun. Put on your running shoes as you run through a tube in outer space.You play as a cute little alien creature with two antenna sticking out of its head. Run and jump your way through hundreds of holes and obstacles. Avoid falling into the open pitalls. Move left and right around the tube in 3D dimension.

Try to stay on the blue color pathway to make your next level easier. The grey pathway fall off the map after you run over them once. Next level might loop over giving you less pathway to run. Each levels gets harder as speed increase. Run 3 the runner game that basically define and started the entire run game genre. Very fun and addicting. There are three version released all of them have their own unique favor, also try them out at Run 2 and the original Run game.

Put your test to the test. Unlock new characters and achievements. Enjoy your run with Run 3. Unblocked from School.

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